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Ticketmaster: Storm Tag Manager

Location:  London, UK

URL:  www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Industry:  Retail

DC Storm Technology: Storm Tag Manager

Results:  Huge reduction in the time taken to implement tags

Storm Tag Manager just the ticket for Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster are the global leaders in ticket sales and distribution. They sell tickets for thousands of events worldwide, which often have a number of dedicated websites that focus on the specific acts involved. This provides Ticketmaster with a huge amount of possible event partners, as well as the opportunity to have a highly focused affiliate program.

This presents Ticketmaster with an unusual tag management problem, because they regularly need to add simple conversion tags for new affiliates and event partners, as each one is potentially only relevant to one event. This relatively straightforward task was proving to be time consuming for Ticketmaster due to the large volume of new events.

Ticketmaster chose Storm Tag Manager and now all tag management is done in house with no restriction on new partners or the number of affiliate programs they can operate.

Implementing the data layer through Storm Tag Manager has made tag deployment far less stressful. Tag implementation time has been substantially reduced, and we can satisfy the demands of our affiliates much more quickly, ensuring our events are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones

Director of International Partner Services


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Home/ Resources/ Case Studies/ Ticketmaster: Storm Tag Manager